A WIDE VARIETY OF Applications

Levanté® aluminum architectural components are versatile.
Pieces of Levanté® can be combined to create one-of-a-kind environments.

Levanté® boards are available in 19′ lengths. The usable length of a board is 18′-11″ long.

Levanté Aluminum Decking

30% cooler than composite decks,
structurally secure, easy to install
traditional hand tools,
Levanté® elevates outdoor spaces
above the rest.

Levanté® Decking
Installation Video


Levanté Interior Aluminum Wall Cladding

Give a contemporary look to any outside structure by adding dimension.
Elevate exterior façades by using Levanté® as an accent, on an angle, or
as a rainscreen.
The possibilities are endless.

Levanté® Cladding
Installation Video

Levanté Wood-Grain Aluminum Fencing

The strength of metal combined
with a wood-grain finish, Levanté® is
resistant to Mother-Nature’s harsh
elements, Levanté® retains its just
installed look for many years.

Levanté® Fencing
Installation Video